Association DCNA

  • Disaster Competence Network Austria is a coordinating institution for strengthening security and disaster research in Austria.

  • In general, research covers the scientific debate on issues related to the prevention or reduction of primary damage of an natural or industrial disaster event, as well as secondary effects such as social or psychological damage to and within the community.

  • In particular, research covers all aspects of the disaster management cycle such as mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.

  • Ordinary members of the network are institutions based in Austria, whose tasks include the scientific examination of topics related to security and disaster research and who themselves carry out security and disaster research in the sense of DCNA.

  • Institutions that are interested in DCNA activities and its support, but do not undertake any security and disaster research themselves, can join the Disaster Competence Network Austria as associated members.

  • The ordinary and associated members are carrying out the objectives of DCNA.

  • Strategic partnerships with institutions and corporations serve to anchor the common objectives.