Risk Data Hub & Austrian Disaster Network Days 2018

The Risk Data Hub & Austrian Disaster Network Days 2018 will be held as a symposium of disaster research on 11 and 12 October 2018 in the Banqueting Hall of the Boku. A detailed agenda will be available in the next newsletter or here on our homepage.

The conference is organised by DCNA and the Disaster Risk Management Knowledge Centre (DRMKC).

The two-day joint workshop intents to elaborate the needs at national level for an EU-wide roll-out and is structured in three sessions, half day each. The first session will welcome the participants with key notes on Disaster Risk Data and related Policies and introduce the methodology and concept behind the Risk Data Hub, linked also with a concrete example of activating the solidarity fund for e.g. flood events. Furthermore, a practical showcase of the RDH country corner functionality with Austrian case-study data and the underlying data management processes, will discuss the practical requirements and implications to link regional scale hazard data to large scale risk indicators. 

The second half-day will be divided into three break-out sessions to discuss challenges and future steps, such as data availability and coordination at national level, as well as customization to national needs and the use of data. In accordance with the multi-risk and multi-hazard approach of Risk Data Hub and to ensure application-specific and concrete outcome of the workshop the break-out sessions will be:

  1. Floods and landslides
  2. Extreme weather events
  3. Critical infrastructure

The evening reception at Naturhistorisches Museum will give a unique view on meteorite impact as a natural hazard. 

The second day will give insights on disaster risk data for international policies and economy such as insurance industry. Each break-out session will be concluded and discussed to set the next steps for an EU-wide roll-out of Risk Data Hub at national level, based on a close cooperation and information exchange within EU institutions and member state stakeholders.

The invitation and registration system by JRC can be found under

Green Meeting

Our goal is to organize the event according to the criteria of the Austrian Ecolabel for Green Meetings and Events. We make various visible and invisible efforts for this goal and we are pleased if you support these efforts and support us. Please choose preferably public transport (bus lines 10A, 37A, 40A, S45), use a bicycle (bicycle parking Schwackhöferhaus) or make carpools. If you arrive by plane or car you can use the BOKU CO2 compensation system. If you have any questions, please contact our Green Meeting representative Rainer Prüller. Thank you for your contribution to a Green Meeting!

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Hydraulic Engineering Symposium Graz 2018

Wasserbausymposium Graz 2018

From 18.-20. September, the Hydraulic Engineering Symposium 2018 ( will take place for the 19th time at the Technical University of Graz. The DCNA will present itself as a competence network for disaster prevention at this event.

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Understanding Risk Balkans Conference 2018

Members of the DCNA will have the opportunity to attend the "Understand Risk Balkans Conference" conference in Belgrade, September 17-19, 2018 in the "Flood Protection is everyone's responsibility" session. The financing of the trip will be provided by the DCNA.

If you are interested in a lecture, please send a short abstract of a few sentences to The Technical Session Proposal can be found here.

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AGIT - Symposium and Expo for Applied Geoinformatics

AGIT - Symposium and Expo for Applied Geoinformatics

From 4.-6. July the 30th edition of the largest specialist event on "Applied Geoinformatics" in the DACH region ( is held in Salzburg. A large number of contributions in the field of disaster research will be presented by scientific institutions and companies during this event.

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Icold Austria 2018

Icold Austria 2018 From 1st to 7th July, the international conference Icold Austria 2018 on topics around hydroelectric power plants and dams ( will take place in Vienna. The DCNA will introduce itself at the event.

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