Strategic Aims

The aim of the association is to transfer scientific insights into practice through collaborative research and education activities with stakeholders, as well as providing information to decision-makers in the event of a disaster.

Strategic Aims are

Strengthening Security and Disaster Research
  • Improving the coherence of security and disaster research in Austria

  • Increase the efficiency of security and disaster research by improving the networking of all stakeholders and by cooperatively creating and exploiting synergies

  • Improving the national and international visibility of Austrian security and disaster research

  • Sharpening and strengthening the understanding of the social relevance of security and disaster research within Austria

  • Promotion and expansion of cooperation with other relevant research areas
Promotion of young scientists
  • Promoting the education of young scientists

  • Support for knowledge transfer between actors in security and disaster research
Advice to policy and decision makers
  • Providing scientific advice for security and disaster research at national and international level

  • Advisory body for the Federal Government for the management of disasters

  • Providing expertise to national and international decision makers
Sensitization and training of society
  • Support and participation in civil protection activities