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01.02.2021 – 30.09.2022



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Silke-Silvia Drexler

Education and training courses with a focus on disasterrisk and disaster protection help to make society aware of disasters and also strengthen general resistance to natural hazards. The aim of the project is to react to the interests of young people, educators and institutions in the field of risk management and to harmonize the resulting knowledge at European level. In order to achieve this goal, best practices will be exchanged between experts in the various sectors and policy areas, and procedures will be identified to support this process. EDUSafe will start at the beginning of February 2021 and should be completed within nine months. The DCNA will analyze existing procedures together with its international partners: 'LARES' (Italy), 'SOLUTION: Solidarité & Inclusion' (France), 'Sociedade Promotora de Estabelecimentos de Ensino LDA' (Portugal) and 'In Progress' (Spain) , establish and evaluate in order to be able to counteract the effects of global disaster risks in the future.