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René Kastner

With MEASURE - Monitoring Exercises using Ai-SUpport for Reliable Evaluation - the project consortium consisting of university and scientific institutions (University of Vienna, FH Technikum Wien, DCNA), technology partners (BOC), and emergency organizations (LFV Steiermark, FF Pinkafeld, ÖRK) have joined under the management of the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) to develop technical support tools to facilitate the planning, implementation, and evaluation of exercise scenarios for emergency services.

The integrated development of sensors and data modeling mechanisms for use in table-top as well as full-fledged deployment exercise procedures strengthens the planning, including goal setting, of exercise scenarios. In addition, technical support is provided for monitoring and evaluation during implementation and subsequent assessment for sustainable comparability and thus, at best, the ability to improve. The interaction of the individual project partner organizations ensures user-oriented technology development and insight into application processes for science and technology.

MEASURE is funded in the security research funding program KIRAS of the Federal Ministry of Finance.


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