We bundle Austria’s expertise in the field of security- and disaster research

We network researchers, emergency response organizations, public authorities and companies to connect practical know-how and scientific expertise. Furthermore, we coordinate five working groups in the sector of prevention and management of disastrous events, in which more than 170 experts of well-known research institutions, universities and companies are represented. Therewith, we bundle the Austrian professional competence in the field of disaster research. Finally, we endeavor to raise interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary exchange through international cooperation. The organization of international conferences significantly contributes to this goal.

Research institutions

Numerous Austrian universities and non-university research institutions are involved in disaster research and thus form the foundation of scientific expertise in the field of disaster prevention and management in Austria and beyond the national borders.


Depending on the disaster scenario, numerous authorities from the municipality to the federal government are entrusted with important coordination and support tasks in disaster management. It is therefore important to keep them up to date and to communicate their concerns in the network.

Emergency Services

They are the practitioners who know best about the daily needs in action and can therefore provide important inputs for research. Conversely, however, it must be ensured that the research results obtained are communicated back to the emergency services so that they can benefit from the findings.


In addition to companies that specialize in various catastrophe-related products, there are also numerous companies in Austria that are involved with their R&D departments in the field of disaster research. This applied research serves as a valuable addition to the efforts of university and non-university research institutions.

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