Vulkano: Looking for initiatives and projects concerning the protection of vulnerable groups

By Isabel Anger

As part of the Vulkano project, national emergency and disaster protection plans are screened in order to identify the current status of the consideration of vulnerable groups (including older people, people with disabilities, migrants, single parents, etc.). The project consortium is therefore looking for initiatives and projects related to the protection of vulnerable groups.


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New DCNA-project: Wanzendrohne

By Johanna Zweiger

We are delighted to share that DCNA has been part of a new research project funded by FFG KIRAS since December 2023: Wanzendrohne will develop a system to mechanically control invasive stink bugs. These bugs cause great damage, especially in fruit farming, making up to 200 types of fruit (especially apples and pears) inedible and unsellable. Controlling them, thus, helps to ensure food supply for the general public. 

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