DCNA project CAVE

New project: CAVE

By Isabel Anger

Another new project in the DCNA is CAVE: CAVE has set itself the goal of analyzing where risks and vulnerabilities can exist in the future in health crisis situations and how these can be countered in a participatory manner. Participatory approaches are central to reaching vulnerable groups and integrating them into crisis management. Community engagement refers to the involvement of those affected and local stakeholders in all phases of crisis management, including decisions about prevention and management.

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New project: NIKE-MED

By Isabel Anger

With the new year, we are looking forward to several new projects in the DCNA. One of them is NIKE-MED: A project that deals with sustainable interdisciplinarity in complex underground operations with a focus on medical treatment. The project funded by FFG KIRAS aims to record and evaluate specific national but also international emergency capacities, to develop optimized processes for medical and psychosocial care based on this, and finally to improve the organization and implementation of operations in the event of disasters underground and thus enabling better and faster medical care for those affected.

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