Thematic workshop in the HEUREKA project

by Isabel Anger

Seismic hazard in the Middle-East

At the beginning of this year, HEUREKA was launched - a project co-financed by the EU to connect network civil protection experts in Europe and the Middle East. In addition to knowledge transfer, the aim is to improve coordination, cooperation, compatibility, and complementarity between experts in neighboring countries in the Middle East.

On July 12th, a thematic workshop on earthquake risks and vulnerable groups took place with the entire HEUREKA project team and other stakeholders - both on-site in Ramallah/Palestine and online. Christian Resch was present as a representative of the DCNA.

The current situation of civil protection in the Middle East was presented with interesting insights into the mechanisms of the various countries. There were also contributions from UN Habitat and earthquake experts who gave lectures on the seismic situation in the Middle East. Furthermore, the topic COVID19 was dealt with in the context of the lectures.

A total of around 20 people from the region took part in Ramallah and an additional 30 people online.

A second thematic workshop is planned for September 15th in Beirut and online. The planned topics: climate change and pandemic.

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