Welcome to the network: Samariterbund Vienna

by Johanna Zweiger

We are pleased to welcome another associated member to our network: Samariterbund Vienna (Austrian Workers' Samaritan Association, Vienna Regional Association).

Samariterbund Vienna has around 1,200 full-time and 1,100 voluntary employees as well as people doing community service who work for the people of Vienna. The Samaritans are active, among other things, in the field of rescue and transportation services, care and support, homeless and refugee assistance facilities, as well as in youth work, training and further education, water rescue and in learning facilities. Under the motto “Let’s help together”, Samariterbund Vienna has been working closely with the City of Vienna and other organizations for years to help people.

As an NPO, Samariterbund Vienna is a proven partner of the city in crisis management. An extensive fleet of vehicles, training and further education in the area of ​​disaster relief and years of operational and leadership experience make the Samaritan Association a comprehensive and reliable partner in crisis situations.

The representative of Samariterbund Vienna within DCNA is Johannes Gstaltmeyr (Head of the Crisis and Risk Management Department):

We have gained a lot of practical experience in disaster control over the past few years and are very pleased about the opportunity to combine practice and current research in the DCNA.

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